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Our company takes great pride in the outstanding reputation we have earned in the environmental services industry. By developing cutting-edge waste management technologies that are still being used 25 years since our inception, Aevitas has created a range of niche markets throughout the Canadian commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. At Aevitas in Quebec, our waste management team is determined to minimize waste in an affordable and effective manner, and maximize the recovery of valuable by-products through our national environmental services network. We own a variety of state-of-the-art, Ministry of the Environment (MOE) certified environmental service facilities that operate in accordance with stringent standards, so as to maintain safe and convenient environmental services to a variety of diverse industries across Quebec, and throughout Canada. Our Aevitas Quebec facility delivers economical and modern waste disposal, recycling and treatment services to institutional, industrial and commercial customers for their unique waste streams.
Regardless of where environment meets industry, Aevitas in Quebec provides a complete array of waste management solutions:

    On-Site Services
  • Transformer site services
  • PCB on-site services
  • Analytical & testing services
  • Lab pack services
  • Transportation services
  • Spill clean-up
  • Lamp recycling
  • Transformer oil recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Resource recovery
  • Electrical equipment recycling
  • Recycle-By-Mail
    Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Industrial waste disposal
  • Regulated waste disposal
  • PCB destruction
  • Institutional waste management
  • Remediation & demolition
  • Assured destruction
  • Electrical equipment disposal


Since 1993, our company has offered industrial, commercial and institutional organizations throughout the province sustainable and cost-effective waste management solutions. Our extensive portfolio of waste disposal...continue reading

on-site services

On-Site Services

As Canada’s leading environmental services organization, we offer an array of on-site services to our industrial, commercial and institutional customers. Aevitas in Quebec offers on-site services that includes transformer site... continue reading



Aevitas in Quebec is an industry leader in recycling, ensuring that your waste streams are properly managed and diverted from landfill. As a leading waste management provider, we provide our customers the ability to easily...continue reading

waste disposal

Waste Disposal

Regardless of your type of waste, Aevitas Quebec offers specialized waste disposal solutions to meet all of your company's unique needs. To learn more about our waste disposal services, please contact our...continue reading

Our goal is to supply permanent waste processing and control options for a wide range of specialty materials. We offer institutional, industrial and commercial organizations a multitude of economic advantages via the sale of recovered resources, a reduction of costs, the conservation of natural resources, and a reduction in their environmental liability. Due to the sensitive nature of our business, and ever-changing regulations within our challenging industry, Aevitas Quebec is committed to focusing on provincial and federal environmental and legislative requirements for safety and compliance. This high standard of excellence ensures the overall health and well-being of our clients, employees, vendors, and the communities we serve. Our team is passionate about delivering excellent waste management and customer service, which exceeds those offered by other Canadian environmental service providers. Our Aevitas Quebec team enforces progressive thinking and environmental service techniques that successfully address our client’s waste management challenges. Place your company’s reputation in trusting hands, and turn to Aevitas in Quebec, an industry recognized leader in environmentally responsible waste management solutions, for all your environmental needs!

From transformer removal and replacement to PCB bushings disposal, our company has been involved in numerous waste management projects. Discover how the environmental services team at Aevitas in Quebec has helped organizations operating in a wide range of industries complete their challenging projects on-time and within budget.

Recent Projects

Aevitas in Quebec is committed to providing affordable environmental services industry pricing, as well as the handling and safe disposal of a vast array of waste materials. We are fully equipped to deliver a diverse range of waste disposal, recycling and treatment choices, as well as our on-site and in-house technical competencies.


To explore the personalized waste management services that Aevitas Quebec has to offer, please contact our team of environmental services professionals.

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