The environmental service professionals at Aevitas look forward to hearing from you, and will gladly respond to your inquiries as promptly as possible! To further explore the waste management solutions offered by Aevitas Quebec, or to schedule a service appointment, please fill out our contact form, or call to get in touch with our corporate office:

For service in French:
Aevitas Inc. - Quebec
725 Avenue Meloche
Dorval, Quebec, Canada
H9P 2S4
Téléphone: 1 (514) 637-3111
Télécopieur: 1 (514) 637-3222

For service in English:
Aevitas Inc.
75 Wanless Court
Ayr, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 1 (800) 324-9018
Fax: 1 (519) 740-2320